BIGFOOT and Image Analysis – Two fascinating Webinars today

We are so pleased that today even more than 80 participants continued to follow our DiGifZ Satellite Webinars. We thank Marc Cheetham from Propel Labs Europe who introduced the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter and Sebastian Thalmann from Luminex who talked about the AMNIS AI Image Analysis Software.

Wolfgang Fritzsche from Jena and Frank Schildberg from Bonn, both members of the DGfZ advisory board, chaired the sessions. We are very happy that some of our participants shared their experience during the Webinar with us by sending us their selfies.

We are very excited to meet you all at the  DiGifZ 2020 tomorrow already starting at 9:00 am with the welcome by the DGfZ´s president Anja Hauser and the Jubilee Lecture by the founding father Günter Valet about „30 Years DGfZ: A personal view“, chaired by Andreas Radbruch.