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Deep & spatial immune profiling by mass cytometry

Mayur Bakshi (


September 30, 2020

10:05 -10:35

Discover the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter

Speaker: Mark Cheetham

Chair: Wolfgang Fritzsche

The BIGFOOT Cell Sorter with Sasquatch Software (SQS) provides the power, safety, performance, and flexibility for your lab today and into the future.

With a custom designed, integrated Class II biocontainment cabinet, BIGFOOT provides safety and protection without compromising high parameter sorter performance. Multi-tube input paired with 18-wayvirtual sorting with integrated temperature control gives flexibility for all your applications.   With a stand-alone footprint and no ancillary requirements, high-speed electronics enabling >100,000 eps acquisition and >70,000 eps sorting and hot-swap fluidics, BIGFOOT provides unmatched performance in
any lab space. BIGFOOT can be configured with up to NINE lasers and 60 detectors, providing the versatility for both standard fluorescence detection and spectral unmixing. Multiple scatter options allow simultaneousstandard and small particle detection, multi-laser scatter detection, and/or polarization.   SQS provides quick start-up, automated calibration, and accurate quality control combined with an experiment designer, intuitive interface, and efficient shutdown allowing the system to be easy to use while reducing downtime. Remote access capability, system health information, and email notifications save time and streamline your workflow.   To illustrate how such a powerful system can impact your laboratory, Bigfoot’s high speed plate sorting facility is presented in a series of experiments performed by Mike Kissner at Columbia University . Utilizing both 4 and 8 way sorting into 96 and 384 well plates respectively , it is shown how both 96 and 384 plates can be routinely sorted in less than 15 seconds ! whilst retaining both , reproducibly and accuracy.    

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