The Product Slam

What is the product slam and what is good for, well…

We thought to create a place, where you can go and get the most up to date information about what is available on the market in a short time without a strict format. And we wanted to give all the companies, may it be a start-up or a well-established organization, the same opportunity to present.

Therefore we decided to place them all in the same room and give each of them 3 minutes. Yes three minutes! Minutes that they can use in any way, that they feel is informative for the audience. Three minutes that forces the presenter to focus on new stuff and get the message across.

For the audience it is a great opportunity to get an overview of all participating companies and their new instruments and products within one hour.

For the companies it is the opportunity to present to an audience, that would usually not visit their booth, but their neighbours.

We had already brilliant presenters delivering a talk in the most effective way to get their point across, we had balloons at the talks, enlightening and astounding talks, some clownesque ones, rarely a „regular one“ starting with the history of the company and for sure we always had technical problems.

But nevertheless, for the audience and surprisingly also for most of the presenters, it was always informative and fun.

So we hope to see you on


10:50am – 11:50am

We will have a contest among the presenters, a poll and we are thinking about possibilities to get you in contact to the companies, after the Product Slam.