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Deep & spatial immune profiling by mass cytometry

Mayur Bakshi (


October 1, 2020

10:15 -10:50

Immune profiling & monitoring are commonly applied in translational and clinical research settings to provide phenotypic understanding of immune states prior to and following treatment (e.g. COVID-19). Mass cytometry, which utilizes CyTOF(r) technology, is a single-cell analysis platform that uses metal-tagged antibodies and can resolve over 50 markers in a single sample tube. We have developed a sample-to-report solution for human immune profiling using mass cytometry, the Maxpar(r) Direct(tm) Immune Profiling System. It includes an optimized 30-marker immune profiling panel provided in a dry, single-tube format, protocols for human whole blood and PBMC staining, a Helios data acquisition template, and Maxpar Pathsetter software for automated data analysis. The Pathsetter software analyzes FCS 3.0 files generated with the kit and automatically reports cell counts and percentages for 37 immune cell types with analytical validation data on repeatability, reproducibility, software precision, and software accuracy. The Hyperion Imaging System brings proven CyTOF® technology together with imaging capability to empower simultaneous interrogation up to 40 protein markers using Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC). Using this system, you can deeply interrogate tissues and tumors at subcellular resolution while preserving the information in tissue architecture and cellular morphology to uncover new biomarker correlations and cell interactions.

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